Hi, I am Danielle—-

If we were in person, I would give you a hug— but we’re not, so until then here is a little about me! I am a true introvert, wanna be extrovert. Situated in New Jersey—born and raised. Married to my high school crush, no kids (yet). When I don’t have a camera in hand, I am either spending time with family and friends, at the gym, visiting NYC, or binge watching my favorite show on Netflix. Past obsessions include Breaking Bad, The Americans and currently finishing up Season 9 of Shameless. I also know every line of every Friends episode to ever exist. I love food and beer. My husband and I will often travel into NYC just to get the best of the best. The Ginger Man is our favorite place to go get drinks—-they always have the best IPA’s on tap—-which is my favorite style beer! The Meat Ball Shop is welllll—- the best place to get meat balls if you’re into that. Rose’s Pizza at Penn Station will be the best slice you ever have. As you can tell we are true foodies and always up to trying new things.

Though I am a homebody—-I want to travel more. I totally believe you get a good education out of experiencing things first hand. My most recent trip was to Thailand this past September 2018. Some of the trips I (hopefully) look forward to in the future are Colorado, Iceland, Italy and California.

I have a sweet spot for The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Lifetime Movies, and anything 90’s——so much so I made a Pinterest board to channel my inner childhood—my life on one board, here.